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Salsa dancers enjoying a dance class
Monday night is all about Bachata at The Deck. All the nights classes are held in the venue's second floor function room. The night combines group dance classes with dedicated time for social dance practice. If this is the first you have ever heard of Bachata: check out the dance styles page for a brief history and sample videos of this popular Latin dance style. You will come to love it as much as we do!


Level 1 - Bachata Fundamentals (First Timers / Absolute Beginners)
6:30 - 7:00pm (Duration: 30 minutes)

This class is the perfect place to start if you have never danced before or are just new to this particular style. You will be taught the basic footwork and posture before applying it to the rhythm of the music. You will also be introduced to the principles of lead and follow, enabling you to dance with a partner. These fundamentals are then applied using short combinations of moves, including simple turns. If after your first class you feel confident in the fundamentals, you are more than welcome to progress into the subsequent Beginners/Improvers class on the same night. Alternatively, you are welcome to repeat this class as many times as required till you feel ready.

Level 2 - Bachata Beginners / Improvers
7:10 - 7:55pm (Duration: 45 minutes)

With a confident foundation in the fundamentals of Bachata, including the basic footwork, timing, and principals of lead and follow: you are welcome to join this class. During this class we take those fundamentals and expand on them while progressively developing a short partnered routine. We focus on teaching fun socially leadable moves that can be challenging but with practice are achievable for a beginner dancer with limited experience. After the formal lesson, and prior to the subsequent class, dedicated time is provided to practice your new moves in a more social setting and to mingle with your fellow students.

Level 3 - Bachata Intermediate
8:15-9:00pm (Duration: 45 minutes)

Generally six to twelve months of dance experience is required before you are ready to consider joining this class. It is important that you no longer worry about your feet as you can naturally keep rhythm with the music as you move on the dance floor. You also have a good connection with your dance partner, offering clear, confident and well-timed leads or light and responsive following. In this class you will learn more complicated combinations with different hand and footwork variations that are progressively developed into brief routines. Pre and post class there is an opportunity to practice these routines and also mingle with your fellow students in a more social atmosphere.

Social Dance Practice (Class Intermission)
7:00-7:10pm (Duration: 10 minutes)
7:55-8:15pm (Duration: 20 minutes)
9:00-9:15pm (Duration: 15 minutes)

Between classes there is an opportunity to practice what you have learnt in a more social setting. The ability to adapt elements from the lesson and combine them your favoured moves will help you develop your own unique flavour and style. It is also a great opportunity to mingle with your fellow students and make new friends.

Tuition Fees

Single Class (per person)

Level 1 - $10
Level 2 - $15
Level 3 - $15

Multiple classes (per person)

Level 1 and 2 - $20
Level 2 and 3 - $25
Level 1, 2 and 3 - $30

The social practice between classes is included in all class tuition fees.
Cash preferred or EFT via PayID (using your banks phone app to Ph:0400561978). We don't have facilities to accept card payments at the venue.


  • Ongoing casual drop in classes - Start on any week and come and go as you please.
  • No booking required - Just turn up.
  • No partner required - We rotate partners during the classes but if you came as a couple and prefer you’re welcome to dance exclusively together. The choice is yours.
  • Dress code is smart casual.
  • Ladies footwear ideally a moderate height closed heal that offers comfort, stability and will remain attached to the foot at all times.
  • Gentlemen's footware ideally soled with leather or hard rubber with minimal grip.

No Booking Required - Just Show Up

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